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December 2006:
Emarketers’ Bullish Outlook.

Wholesalers of everything from lawn décor to baby clothes, Triple-A batteries to lingerie, are predicting strong finishes in 2006, which has already recorded double-digit growth. more...


November 2006:
Quality, consistency, value and innovation propell Stockwell Greetings upward.

Stockwell Greetings principal & chairman, John Fenwick, constantly hears customers talk about the price of his company’s full line of greeting cards. But, of course, they are not complaining about paying just 19 cents per card for the ultra attractive line. more...


October 2006:
The Past Looks Bright at Nostalgic Images

The executives at Nostalgic Images didn’t build the firm into a leading wholesaler of collectible vintage styled metal signs by sticking their fingers into their ears. Quite the contrary, the company has built its thriving business upon the principle that when customers talk, they listen. Not just some of the time, but always. more...


September 2006:
Success Smells Sweet At Designer Fragrances

Arnold Eisman has a catch phrase he likes to use when touting his fragrance and cologne lines: “You’ll love the way you smell. I guarantee it.” No, it’s not the most original pitch. And so the forthright owner of Designer Fragrances Inc. readily admits it’s a play on the well known Men’s Wearhouse ads. But the line does not have to be original, it just has to work, and it has. Sales at Designer Fragrances have been growing by 100 percent annually over recent years. more...

August 2006:
Mediak Moves Media

If Mediak LLC executives Charles and Junnie Sublett didn't already know that they were onto something good with their line of Kids Personalized Music CDs, five staunch businesswomen at a British trade show squashed all doubt. Charles Sublett was demonstrating to them the Mediak catalog of fun, educational and spiritual tunes for kids. more...

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July 2006:
West To The Sun

For Americans, the idea of taking risks almost seems genetic. Most of our ancestors risked life and limb to come to this country in order to better themselves. That’s where we all come from. It’s in our DNA. more...

June 2006:
Wholesale Superstar

Myron Soslow, the dynamic leader of Kalan LP, grew up a child of the 1960s. Like many young men of his generation, he wore his hair longer then. And his free time was more important to him in those years immediately after high school than were rapid accomplishments in either college or business. more...

May 2006:
Zip Zap Sees The Light

Robert Washburn was in the middle of a Tae Kwon Do practice six years ago when a novel idea interrupted his kicking, blocking and punching drills. He was suddenly hit with the notion that lighted juggling sticks could bring big time attention to his training club's public exhibitions. more...

April 2006:
Retailers of all sizes

Retailers of all sizes have never had as many buying options as they do now. The Internet has matured substantially over the years, and has become a dynamic marketplace for merchants looking to fill their needs for apparel, electronics, gifts, jewelry, and novelties among many other categories. more...

March 2006:
Web vs. Brick and Mortar

All successful retailers want to grow. But how many want to own a brick and mortar retail operation these days, especially if they are already enjoying the efficiencies and clean room advantages of an online retail presence? more...


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