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Wholesale magazine December 2007:
Vision For Growth

GENCO Marketplace was a burgeoning company for 14 years, offering surplus inventories and liquidating millions of dollars worth of merchandise daily. In a nutshell, the firm was in the business of remarketing customer returns and new closeouts, or overstock items by the pallet or truckload. It was doing well.
November 2007:
Lighter Leash Catches Fire

When John McCall discovered his wife was expecting their second child, he was a pick and pack fulfillment worker for Barproducts.com. His efforts with the company were valued, but he certainly was not the highest guy on the totem pole when it came to pay. John read in the papers that raising a child, on average, costs more than $130,000. The 22 year old knew that it was time to make some kind of a career move.
October 2007:
Web Dreams Come True For Blue Bay

Remember those stories in the late 1990s about Internet startups and their employees, working nearly around the clock, catching brief snoozes on the office floor and dreaming of their big IPO on Wall Street? Even though most of those firms are not around today, they had the right idea, in terms of collecting a committed crew that was willing to go the extra mile to help a new business succeed. Often, that is exactly what it takes.
September 2007:
Teamwork Drives UB2B's Success

One of the key components of Fatima Siner's game plan for business success includes the philosophy used by all winning football coaches: surround yourself with the best assistants and the most talented personnel.
Web Wholesaler August 2007:
FashionPenny.com: A Family Tradition Of Success

If you were to make a map of Robert Vayner's personal journey to becoming a successful businessman, it would be dotted with precious minerals. On it, you would see a diamond bracelet in Austria, a gold ring in Italy, an engraved silver watch in New York and numerous necklaces in Thailand. Many of the jewels are likely now resting inside an heirloom box and waiting to be passed down from parent to child.
Web Wholesaler July 2007:
Surplus Success At Via Trading

Jacques Stambouli was brainstorming one day in the library, while working on his master's thesis. His professor had assigned him to come up with a business plan that pertained to retail or wholesale. In the final grading, like for most papers, there would be an emphasis on innovation and common sense.
Web_Wholesaler June 2007:
EZDROPSHIP.COM: American Dream Comes True

Most of us like to see others struggle a little bit before they hit it big. So you will probably like the story of Dan Mier, president of the double tiered success story that is Premiere Products International and EZDROPSHIP.COM.
Web_Wholesaler May 2007:
Quality & Service In the Bag At Handbag Express

Barry Herrington retired back in 1999 after three decades in the manufacturing and wholesaling industry, where he was a highly successful designer of underwater spa lighting systems and open heart surgical equipment. He and his wife, Tina Herrington, moved from the state of Washington down to Las Vegas to enjoy "The easy life."
Web_Wholesaler April 2007:
Keeping Shopping Carts Safe

A wholesaler’s online shopping cart is the backbone of the business, so taking care of it is essential. Fortunately, gone are the days, though only 10 years ago, when shopping carts were more easily hacked, or when customers threw up their hands in frustration over long delays or dropped orders. Nowadays, online shopping carts are more stable and secure, but that does not mean a wholesaler should ignore theirs. This story discusses some of the issues concerning them.

March 2007:
Long Tail SEO

Most retailers with an online presence are keenly aware of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a series of tools and techniques designed to drive up your rankings on popular search engines like Google and Yahoo. One of the most interesting recent developments in SEO, particularly as it impacts the retail industry, is the idea of capturing the long tail of your online store.

February 2007:
Galaxy Rock'N Rolls In Profits

"You could say a lot of different experiences helped me get to where I am today," says Lou Monachello, President of Galaxy Distributors. Indeed, Monachello saw an array of worlds before founding his novelties and gifts wholesaling business on Long Island, NY, in 1989. After a year at Farmingdale State College in the 1960s, he served in the Air Force for four years, spending a year and a half on the Grecian island of Crete during the Vietnam War.

January 2007:
Salco Streamlines Web Sales

Sal Maggio became a salesman at the wee age of four. His older brother was hawking candy bars for a school benefit, and the toddling Maggio could not resist his natural predilection.. more...


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