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December 2009:
The Future of Web Video

Video may have killed the radio star, as the old song by the Buggles claims, but today there's growing evidence that video may have static, text-heavy websites in its crosshairs as well. While it's difficult to quantify just how popular video on company websites has become, consumers' interest in Internet video is obvious. The Nielsen Company recently reported that overall online video usage via such providers as YouTube, Hulu, Yahoo! and Facebook in September 2009 were up by double digits over September 2008, with time spent watching online video up almost 25 percent per viewer. more...

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November 2009:
Join the Social Networking Party

The next 50 years of the Internet will be dominated by the phenomenon known as social networking. It's clear that social networking and all its applications will only continue to expand and evolve, changing the way we do business across all lines. If you join the party now, you can boost your sales and growth and survive in the new era of business technology - if you do not, the candles may just blow out. more...

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October 2009:
Comparing Comparison Sites

The use of price comparison services (also known as shopping comparison services or price engines) has exploded over the past few years, and even with overall sales down, research shows they're growing ever stronger. According to a survey released in August by ecommerce solution provider, Channel Advisor, fewer people in the U.S. are reporting monthly purchases of over $76 (down by nine percent to 25 percent), while more people are reporting monthly spending of $0 to $20 (up by 11 percent, to 27 percent). However, those same consumers are spending significantly more of their time online conducting product and pricing research, with 17 percent saying they'd purchased something from a general search engine, and seven percent using a shopping comparison engine. more...

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September 2009:
Checkout Options Flourish

Most anyone who has made a purchase on eBay is familiar with PayPal, an ecommerce checkout option, which since 2002 has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the online auction site. Online shoppers at other sites may have had cause to use Google Checkout, a similar service owned by the web giant. Both serve as electronic alternatives to traditional payment methods like checks and money orders. While those paper methods, not to mention cash, may never go completely out of style, indications are that completely electronic payments are very much the way of the future. According to a recent report by global management and consulting firm, McKinsey & Co., the global payments market represents a $30 trillion opportunity. more...

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August 2009:
Business Booms at Overstock Avenue

It's 2009, the economy is in a slump, and business is booming at Overstock Avenue. Poised for another record breaking year, this ambitious apparel wholesaler seems to be oblivious to the fact that there is a recession going on right now. Or are they? "No, we're fully aware of it!" laughs Lisa Sperow, company founder and president. "We're just plugging away, in spite of the recession." "Plugging away," may be a bit modest. In the past year, the company has undergone a name change (formerly Madison Avenue Closeouts), doubled their warehouse space in Charlotte, NC, unveiled a new website, hired several new associates, and launched a new distributorship program for individuals and businesses who want to share in the success and growth of the company. more...

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July 2009:
Via Trading Live Auction Leader

In a business world full of buyouts, bailouts and bankruptcies, closeout wholesaler, Via Trading Corp., is a notable exception. According to president, Alain Stambouli, the company (based in Lynwood, CA in Los Angeles) has recorded significant revenue growth over the past six years. In 2006, Via Trading took in $10.25 million, in 2007 $14.25 million, and last year $19 million. more...

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June 2009:
Is Live Chat Right for You?

For those internet retailers who may feel they have their hands full dealing with their customers - via everything from in-person visits to phone calls, faxes and email - tech savvy observers have some bad news: You really should consider adding a live chat feature to your website. more...

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May 2009:
Controlling and Reducing Fulfillment Costs

We all know we're in a tough business climate. With many companies coming out of less than perfect fall and holiday seasons, there is an urgent need to increase productivity and reduce costs without having to make major capital purchases to do so. more...

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April 2009:
Three Most Important Web Pages

To be successful in ecommerce, you need to be proactive, not passive. Continually analyzing, to discover problem points and testing methods that better those points, is essential. You must continually monitor the customer experience your site delivers to your visitors and ensure all website layers are functioning together as a cohesive unit. more...


March 2009:
SalesOne: Sharing Success With Retailers

One way to describe Mark Hollis, President of SalesOne International, LLC, is a visionary with an excellent sense of timing, who makes many decisions by instinct. Another description is a sharp, savvy business person who respects the SalesOne team, and is focused on developing the company and its lines. A third is that Hollis is down to earth, easy going, and extremely focused on staying in tune with both the market and his customers, to deliver what they need to be successful. No wonder that in eight short years, SalesOne has captured 50 percent of the U.S. body jewelry market, and is poised to lead the new, hot, traditional jewelry category: stainless steel. more...


February 2009:
Fashion Accessories Spring Forecast

"In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity."

So said the 19th century poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. While it's doubtful that the author of "Paul Revere's Ride" had fashion accessories in mind when he coined that adage, it does reflect the state of the industry as it gears up for the spring 2009 season. more...


January 2009:
Retailing to Etailing

Independent retail businesses still without a website are not alone. According to a recent study by research firm, Warrillow & Co., a whopping 59 percent of small businesses do not have a site yet more...


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