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December 2010:
World Trading 23 Upgrades For Growth

World Trading 23, an online specialty toy wholesaler, has embarked on an ambitious program of upgrades and enhancements to its operations and product lines, in which the wholesaler just launched a revamp of its website that ties into its accounting and inventory systems. The company, which specializes in remote control toys, airsoft guns and accessories, along with science and magic kits, is pushing into exclusive product lines with original and licensed merchandise. Other initiatives include a warehouse upgrade and a campaign to boost its Better Business Bureau rating. more...


November 2010:
Email Etiquette

Observing the rules of email etiquette can be a quick and painless component of marketing your products or services to existing and prospective customers. Learning a few basic tricks, including the use of disclaimers that can aid in legal protection, can help transform your company from an email novice into one that uses the form as an effective means of marketing. Crafting a solid, engaging email to customers sounds simple, but is sometimes easier said than done. Outgoing emails should be friendly and in some way enticing, but at the same time should maintain a level of professionalism and be to the point. more...


October 2010:
Landing Page Optimization

"Many online entrepreneurs are content with letting their websites' home pages sell their goods for them. But while a well-designed home page should encourage customers to come in and take a look around, and ideally make a purchase, an optimized landing page can be an even more effective tool. A landing page, also known as a lead capture page, is the web page that appears when a potential customer clicks on an advertisement or search engine result link. The landing page typically displays sales copy that serves as a natural extension of the original ad or link. more...


September 2010:
Building Online Revenue with Affiliate Programs

"Do you want to make more money?" queried a certain line of infomercials in the 1990s. "Sure, we all do!" The phrase captures a basic tenet of capitalism, after all. But it also applies to any business or individual looking to make a financial splash as an affiliate of another company. Many people hearing the word "affiliate," may think of their local NBC or Fox TV station, which are indeed affiliates of their parent networks, carrying some or all of the programming line-up of the network, but owned by a company other than the owner of the network itself. more...


August 2010:
Twitter, Facebook & Your Business

The use of social media tools like Twitter and Facebook to improve connections with your customer base has been documented in these pages in the past. more...


July 2010:
Blogging for Business Success

Over the past several years, "blog" has become one of those commonplace terms with which everyone is familiar. The blog, a portmanteau derived from its original name, "web log," has become so common that it seems that web related conversations no longer include the question, "Do you blog?" but rather, "Where do you blog?". more...


June 2010:
Unlocking Ecommerce Software to Grow Your Business

It's one of the age-old dilemmas faced by business owners: You've got a terrific product or service to sell, but not a good means of selling it. more...


May 2010:
Successful Email Marketing

Many people hearing the term, "email marketing," think of spam cluttering up their inboxes from unwanted (and, unknown) companies, or occasional notes about upcoming sales or coupons that may or may not be relevant to their lives and lifestyles. more...


April 2010:
Reducing Credit Card Chargebacks

Credit card chargebacks are a merchant's bane. A legitimate chargeback occurs when a customer disputes a charge made to their credit card, and the money is refunded back to their account. The card issuer then charges the refunded amount back to the original merchant, along with an additional penalty fee. more...


March 2010:
Ranking for Local Search

Most Internet users use search functions many times a day, whether they're looking for information on a general topic ("Movies") or something more specific ("James Cameron Movies"). But while the more Net-savvy may also know that they can find out what movies are playing in their area and at what times ("Movie Times Chicago, IL"), they may not be aware of how such localized search can be applicable, and a valuable tool, for their own business. In fact, whether a given company's prospects are mostly located within the same zip code or scattered around the world, local search has become critically important to drive traffic, both physical and electronic, to its stores. Wisely employing local search gives a company an additional chance of appearing high on the results listings of a given search ("Wholesale Clothing Chicago"), and in the still-developing mobile device market, may prove invaluable when potential customers perform searches on their iPhones or similar devices. more...


February 2010:
Tech Feature: Google Analytics

How do you measure the success of your company's website? Receiving reports on how many users clicked on the site is a fairly basic way. If the site is set up for ecommerce, the number of sales generated through the site is the simplest, most obvious measurement. Calculating how many visits were successfully converted into sales takes a bit of math but is achievable.But determining such potentially critical data as where your website's page viewers are from, how much time they spend on a particular page, even from what other Internet domain they entered your site, is more complicated. Enter the booming business of web analytics, which collects, measures, analyzes and reports on such information as a way of understanding and optimizing web pages. more...


January 2010:
Special Report Asia: Warehouse to the World

"Let China sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world." This famous Napoleon Bonaparte remark was uttered in the 1800s, yet it still applies today, perhaps even more than ever. Led by China, whose economy accounts for some ten percent of the world's gross domestic product, Asia's potential as an economic behemoth still lies largely unrealized, despite the fact of its geographical expanse and its accounting for some 60 percent of the world's population. more...


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