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December 2011:
The Truth About Traffic

In the last issue, I outlined some important thinking that makes up basic foundational elements of a successful ecommerce business. I talked about how stores often adopt a "traffic-product-website" (TPW) mentality, and how falling into this trap can end up hurting your business before it ever has a chance. For those that may not have read that article, my TPW mentality stores believe all they need is traffic and if they drive enough traffic to their site the product will sell itself. They believe websites are simply channels through which transactions are possible and nothing more. more...


November 2011:
Profits & Pitfalls of Global eCommerce

The old adage, "Think global, act local," is increasingly obsolete. In the ecommerce business, global is local. As buyers and sellers move online, the distance between them shrinks and ecommerce sales increase. According to a recent Goldman Sachs report, global ecommerce sales will hit $963 billion by 2013, with a predicted annual growth rate nearing 20 percent. The worldwide market includes 922 million web surfers in Asia, 476 million in Europe, and 272 million in North America. more...


October 2011:
Google Universe: Tools To Build Your Business

For any retailer seeking low cost tools to boost the bottom line, the first place to look is Google. The search engine giant has a wide range of tools designed to help facilitate ecommerce. Some are established, others are experimental, but with an open minded approach to the technology company's strengths and weaknesses, there are some great benefits, including higher profits. more...


September 2011:
The Perfect Cart Experience

Ask any number of shoppers what elements would need to be present to create the perfect cart experience and likely there will be a variety of different answers. What's good for the goose is not always good for the gander. Although your site will see its share of different shopper demographics, there are a number of consistencies all shoppers prefer. These elements should be in place if you are to have any chance of convincing these browsers to become buyers. In this article I'll outline a few consistencies all shoppers look for in the "perfect cart experience." more...


August 2011:
Good Videos Can Boost Web Business

Would you watch a video of two dull people talking in a studio for 30 minutes? How about a video of a PowerPoint presentation? Or a video of a guy in a cluttered office, in front of a bright window, flanked by bags of garbage? These real life examples are just a few of the horrible videos retailers and wholesalers are putting on their ecommerce sites. While it is absolutely true that good videos can serve to boost online sales, bad video, on the other hand, is worse than no video. more...


July 2011:
New Payment Frontiers: Smart Phones

With smartphone use growing in America, the technology exists for anyone to process a credit card when it comes time to check out a customer. Whether you are an ecommerce merchant or a brick and mortar retailer, accepting credit card payments is easier than ever. Now it is simple to swipe a credit card with any iPhone, Blackberry, or Android cell phone. Authentication is fast, and paperless receipts sent via email are easy and efficient. more...


June 2011:
Building Ecommerce Business With Blogs Means Both Challenges And Rewards

Many ecommerce merchants depend on search result traffic to bring new customers to their Internet storefronts. For these retailers, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is a no-brainer, and they may have already built strategic keywords into product descriptions, engaged in Adwords campaigns, and built traffic through social media. Yet, there is another step that can provide a leg up on the competition, and that is an ecommerce blog. It is easier than ever to start a blog, but it is both difficult and rewarding to do it effectively. more...


May 2011:
eCommerce Social Media Marketing Done Right

Most people think of Facebook when they hear "social media," and many retailers think Facebook is irrelevant to their business. However, there is more to the story than this simplification, and pundits and consultants say that business-to-business community needs to take a good look at the entire social media landscape before assuming that it is unimportant. It means looking at Facebook, yes, but also at other social platforms, especially LinkedIn, and then making the leap in the right way. more...


April 2011:
Product Comparison Sites Let Online Retailers Reach Out To Shoppers

As more and more shoppers go online, the chances are slim that any one potential customer even knows your web address, much less wants to shop specifically at your site. However, ecommerce retailers can reach out beyond their websites and connect directly with shoppers through product comparison services. These product search engines are the yellow pages of the Internet, where customers look up products and find your directory listing, as well as the prices you offer and a wide range of comparable products from your competitors. more...


March 2011:
Landing Pages Drive Conversion

Effective landing page design can drive ecommerce conversions, as every online retailer wants to convert browsing consumers into paying customers. Some shoppers come to an ecommerce site wanting to research and buy a product, and those shoppers are easy to convert, if your site offers the basics. The potential customer probably typed the retailer's base Internet address into a browser, or used a bookmark to find the site. more...


February 2011:
Is Chat Dead or Live?

A big advantage that brick and mortar stores have over ecommerce sites boils down to a simple phrase, "May I help you?" When a customer looks confused in a brick and mortar store, a clerk can stop to offer personal assistance. When an online shopper is confused, the retailer may not even notice. However, there is an answer that some electronic retailers have embraced: live online customer support. The promise of ecommerce chat is that it is the antidote to the depersonalization of the Internet. At last, a shopper who needs assistance can get some help with the click of a button. more...


January 2011:
Moving To Mobile Ecommerce

Converging trend lines show that the importance of mobile computing and smartphone shopping is beginning to be seen on the retail front. Noting the convergence of shoppers and cellular devices, smaller retailers who source products online are going to be deciding, and soon, just how to tackle the coming wave of consumers who want to buy with their phones and tablets. However, there are a number of hurdles that retailers have to cross, starting with the most fundamental: Does mobile shopping even matter? Consider some facts. Dow Jones reports, "the amount purchased through mobile devices is still a sliver of the total spent on retail, but the mobile number is expected to triple this year, after tripling last year." more...


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